The main and core location for the most epic races. In Underground you fight for respect, earn rewards and beat the bossess one after another as you climb the ladder until the top. It is a single player campaign in Need For Speed: No limits.

Prizes for underground races

In each race you win respect and rewards – parts, blueprint, cash or visual points.

There are three main types of races in the underground according the rewards and possibility to repeat it:

  • fixed prize race – you know what you get for winning the race but you can win it only once.
  • mystery prize race – there are 4 possible prize for winning the race and you can race it as many times as you wish. For winning you get random reward from those 4. The races are not scaling up. So the same race with better cars just get easier. For the first try it could be a hard race but after some time it becomes easy farm for your precious parts.
  • boss – boss is the final race of every chapter and it works as a mystery prize race. The main difference is there is always possibility of winning the blueprint of a car the boss is driving. It is the easiest way how to earn new cars.

Repeating races in the underground

If you win a race you have already won you don’t get respect anymore. So in the Underground you get respect only by progression.

You can repeat the races infinite times but you are limited to three wins in a 12 hours cycle. But you can try it (and lose it) as many times you wish, until you get those three wins. Twice a day all races refresh and you can win them 3 times again.

They refresh at the same time, so it doesn’t matter that some of them you won at 8 and some of them at 10. At 12 they all refresh. So think twice and make priorities. If there is a refresh in twenty minutes it is better to make some rides for blueprints which are important than to waste gas on car series. So you can earn those invaluable prints as much as possible.

Restriction of races and chapters

Some of the races has PR restriction. So it’s impossible to undertake them in low level cars. If you don’t have car with that high PR you can race it at all and have to collect new parts and materials to improve you car before progressing the campaign.

Every chapter has a respect level you need to have until you can start it. In the beginning you earn enough respect just for progressing the chapter, later on you have to earn it in car series and daily assignments as well. You need 5 more levels for another chapter. So 5 for the third one, 10 for fourth, 40 for the tenth and so on.

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