Tuner Trials

Tuner trials is the exclusive location where you can get upgrade kits in Need For Speed: No limits. Those are needed for rebuilding (upgrading) your car parts up one tier. Meaning upgrading common part to uncommon, uncommon to rare, rare to epic and epic to legendary. For upgrading you need normal material as well, but you win it with the kit or you can get it elsewhere. But you can race only with set cars and if you don’t have them you can race.

More about rebuilding.

How to hunt for the upgrade kits.

There are 7 races, each giving you upgrade kits for different parts (as there are only six parts in the car, the seventh is giving quite a lot of money and visual points). Every day you get 2 tickets for free to enter every tuner trial race available that day, but on most days is opened only one of the race and they are set during the days of the week. So f.e. you can get engine upgrade kit only on Monday. Exception is on Tuesday and on Thursday when is as well the Currency (money) race (so there are two races in one day and you get two tickets for each) and another great exception is Sunday when you can race all 7 tuner trials. You get two tickets for each of them. So you can win upgrade kits for every part of your car!

The tuner trials during the week are:

  • Monday: Engine
  • Tuesday: Turbo + Currency
  • Wednesday: Gearbox
  • Thursday: Tires + Currency
  • Friday: Ecu
  • Saturday: Nitro
  • Sunday: All of them!

The tuner trial tickets

As you get tickets for free try to always use them. If you don’t have upgrade car, just try even the extreme races. Those kits are invaluable and without them you can’t upgrade the tier of your parts. Even for gold or money. Ticket is worth one winning, not one try. So if you lose the race you can try again and again until you win. But you can race only two races even though there are five difficulties (depending on the level of upgrade kit). If you want to upgrade for uncommon or legendary part you have to race different trial with different car. Also you need another amount of the kits – for upgrading to uncommon one is enough for rare you need two and for higher tiers even more. So plan well and choose the most needed level or levels (as you can try different ones). Always try to have some spare upgrade kits and you can always scrap the unused.

The tuner trial cars

for every level of the upgrade kit you have to race with different car. If you don’t own it you can’t race. If you don’t have it upgraded you will probably lose. So try to acquire these cars as soon as possible and tune them well.

  • common: Ford Fiesta (you can buy blueprints in the black market)
  • uncommon: BMW coupé 1999 (chapter 3 boss)
  • rare: Toyota Supra (only in tournament store)
  • epic: Porshe 911 (993) Carrera (chapter 9 boss)
  • legendary: SRT Viper

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