Special events

Special events are huge multiday occasions and one of the best way how to get a new and unique car.

How to take part in a special event?

You don’t need to do anything special or own any specific car. You just have to wait until the special event occurs and click on it to start – there is always a countdown a few days before so you can get ready for it even if you don’t play very often.

What car do I race with?

You are loaned the car the special event is about. You have to use it during the whole event and if you are able to win all of the races on time you get the car. You can upgrade it and collect blueprints for it during the event and you use only the special event currency and parts and materials – so you can’t get them in advance therefore it’s always possible to win the event without any preparation and money or gold paid.

How many tries I have for each race?

You get a ticket to ride every hour, stacking up to five (premium even more). You can take part in one race for one ticket. You can repeat the event as many times as you wish until you win it, but you have to pay a ticket for each try.

How many races I have to win?

All of them! The event is divided into chapters which unlocks every 24 hours. When you finish a chapter you have a time off until next chapter unlocks. Starting chapters have only a few races, f.e. around five and it is very easy to win them all on time assuming you get 24 tickets a day so you have nearly five tries for each race. Last chapters can have even 17 chapters so you have to ride well and have a decently upgraded car to win them with your free tickets. Some of the races can be repeated (3 times every 24 hours) for extra materials and credits. During the easy days try to rerun most of them so you have a good car for difficult chapters. There is always some PR restriction for some races so sometimes you can’t move on without upgrading your car!

What if I run out of tickets/time?

If you can’t finish a chapter before the next one unlocks nothing happens. You can finish them anytime. But if you can’t finish all races before the special event closes you lose. You won’t get the car, but you get some cash for your racing and prototype cash earned. You can refill your tickets for 90 gold (all of them, so wait until you have none left and you get 5 for 90 gold). But try to use it only during the last chapter if there is a decent chance of winning. If you need it before you don’t have a good car or racing skills – you have to practise more!

How can I upgrade my car?

You win materials for winning the races. You win blueprints for finishing the chapters. You also win special event cash which can be used in a special market for materials/blueprints and parts for the special event. You can use there only a special event cash (credits) or gold which is the same. Don’t buy too many items until you know what you will need and what you will get as a reward in future races.

What if I win?

If you win you get the car. You get sometimes some money as well. Your prototype car transforms into normal car and can be upgraded with normal materials for normal money. But it is super hard to acquire new blueprints for them so it’s usually not very useful to upgrade them.

Tips and tricks for winning the special events.

Start early! You can miss few hours but it’s nearly impossible to win the event when starting in the middle.

Ride well! It means don’t waste your tickets on repeating the same race.

Ride bold! Drift, draft and take jumps as in normal races – you will earn more cash for upgrading your car!

Don’t hurry! Don’t buy your parts too early so you won’t have duplicates which you don’t use. Don’t forget you can’t rebuild materials without staging up the car.

Focus on upgrades! Don’t get stuck with not rebuilded part. Hunt the correct upgrade kit if you know for sure what you gonna need.

Use all your tickets! Always try to use all the tickets you have. If you have finished the chapter and you can’t progress hunt the money and materials in repeatable races. If you have only few repeats left lose them! It’s not a joke. You get money even for lost races so it’s better to lose ten races and get 20.000$ than finish all the races and than waste 10 tickets.


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