Your cars in Need For Speed: No limits should be cool and unique. Visit modshop with each of your cars and give it a little spin.

You can garnish your car with expensive chrome paint, candy bright colours and of course custom parts as spoilers, wheels, exhausts and so on.

The changes in Modshop are only in appearance, they don’t have any impact on performance of your car.

For each new appearance upgrade you pay with visual points. You earn them as rewards of races in Underground and in Tuner Trials ¬†(on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday). Visual points can’t be spend on anything else than appearance of your car so you don’t have to choose between ugly effective car and cool car which never wins. ūüôā


The basic change of your car is the colour. You choose separately colours for your body, window tint, rims (of your wheels) and brake calipers.

You can own as many colours as you wish and you can change them as often as you wish. Once you have bought them you can use it for free on any car you own – so you can buy gray metallic colour for 1500 visual points and then use it on all of your cars for free.

There are several types of BODY colours you can choose from and they have different price

gloss – basic for 500

metallic – 1500

candy – 5 000 – bright colours with special gradient effects

chrome – 15 000 – most expensive and luxury gloss

matte – 7500


Here you can choose nearly all body parts as spoilers, roof spoilers, lights, exhausts, wheels, hoods and much more from custom and special ones. You can apply a body kit as well which change the appearance of your car significantlly, lowering or widening it as well. After applying a body kit you can still choose a different details.

Kits and parts for your cars are bought only for one speciffic car (wheels are usually the exception). But you can choose different setup anytime you wish and you will still own the parts.

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