The home page in the game where you choose what to do. There are several locations on the map where you can make different activities. The locations are locked and are unlocked by upgrading your REP level. You can get to a map from anywhere in Need For Speed: No limits by clicking on the GPS mark at the top left corner.

Locations on the map are:

  • garage – that’s where your cars are. You can upgrade them here, slot material into them and stage up and construct new cars with blueprints.
  • underground – single player campaing – illegal races where you avoid cops and win for progressing the story.
  • car series – legal racing where you gain rep and show off your skills with similar cars. You can enter the events only with set cars.
  • docks – where you gain random new parts and materials for your car. You get 5 for free.
  • black market – where you can buy new materials, parts and blueprints. Only 8 items available, but they change every few hours.
  • tuner trials – you can get your much needed upgrade kits to upgrade your car parts to better tier.
  • modshop – for customizing your car appearance, colours, spoilers, wheels and so on. You spend visual points here.
  • chopshop – collected scraps for destroying parts and materials can be used to buy cool new parts and blueprints here.
  • tournaments – multiplayer hunt for the best racer. Every few days it change meaning you need a lot of different cars. But you can get very rare blueprints as a reward here.
  • special events – multiple day hardcore events. But you get a complete and upgraded very special car if you are able to finish on time.


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