Currency and Stuff

In Need for speed: No Limits you gather many different things to progress through the campaign and acquire or upgrade your cars. Here is a brief list of all of them.

Progressing campaign

reputation – as your reputation grows you get new levels and unlock new locations, chapters in underground and better parts in crates. You get reputation for progressing campaign, racing car series and fulfilling daily quests.

Basic Currency

  • money – the dollars can you buy a lot of things, but in NFS you can’t buy that much for them. You use money to install materials and parts into your cars, buy few things in a black market and to buy crates at the docks where you get random material or blueprint. You get them by racing (every time you race), winning races and in tuner trials.
  • gold – special hard currency. You can buy premium stuff at black market and premium crates for gold, immediatelly refill your tank, take more rewards for winning races, skip races or buy new tickets for tournaments and special events. But it is a premium currency mostly paid by real money. You get a little amount every day for completing daily quests and for progressing the car series. ¬†Just enought to buy something small every day.
  • scrap – you get scrap for scraping (deleting) your parts and materials. You can buy parts and blueprints at the scrap shop.
  • tournament points – for taking part in tournaments you get tournament points you can use to buy new blueprints in tournament store. You can buy high-level cars there as well so never skip a tournament!

    Racing material and tickets

  • gas – you need gas to take races. Race usually need 2 gas, early car series and underground races, as well as tuner trials need only one. You get gas automatically over time – one every ten minutes (max. 10), or you can buy 30 gold any time to refill. You get a full refill when you reach another level.

  • special event tickets and tournament tickets – as gas they refill over time. You get one new every hour.
  • tuner trials tickets – every day you get two tickets for current event. Every day in the week there is one, on Tuesday and Thursday there are two, and on Sunday there are seven. You have to use them that day. Next day you get new.

Car upgrading

  • blueprints – new cars in Need for speed: No limits are acquired only if you gather enough multiple blueprints (around 6 for early cars, 30 for late cars). You can get blueprints as a reward in underground races (especially racing bosses), as a reward in car series, in random crates at the docks, at the black market (but only fixed cars – for very long time only the Ford Fiesta) at chop shop (but for nonsense price of scrap) or at the tournament store (for tournament points/trophies). You need even larger set of blueprints for staging up (getting another star) your car. So its rare and needed stuff.
  • parts – every car has 6 parts (engine, turbo, gearbox, tires, CPU unit and Nitro) and you upgrade them separately. Every car has all 6 parts and can’t lose them. You acquire better by upgrading or as a reward in car series or at the chopshop.
  • materials – materials are parts of you parts. By slotting materials into your main parts you can upgrade them (give them another star or even higher tier) an therefore boost their effectivity.
  • upgrade unit – to upgrade a part to a higher¬†(uncommon / rare / epic / legendary) you need a special upgrade unit which can be obtained only at tuner trials and are used only for this.

Premium currency and stuff

  • vip points -you get vip points only by buying gold for real money. VIP points activate special bonuses for limited or unlimited time. F.e. higher max of gas and tickets
  • all access pass – gives you possibility to race all the tuner trials for limited amount of time. The can be acquired only with money. (You get one free in 8th chapter)
  • skip races buttons – you get skip race possibility for gold on the black market or by VIP points.

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