Car Series

Different type of races in Need for Speed: No Limits and another way how to earn reputation for progressing levels. Car series are a chain of races, divide into chapters you progress with set car. There are many car series and you need different specific car(s) to enter them. So you need to take care of all your cars not just improving the one you like the most – which is good for Underground.

There are 23 car series you can race. In each there are restriction for 1 to 4 cars in each and you can race only with those. If you don’t have any of them you can’t take part in that Car series. eg. car Series Fiesta Fiesta can be raced only with Ford Fiesta. Car series German Precision can be raced with VolksWagen Golf GTI, BMW M3 coupé 1999 or Porshe 911 (993) Carrera. You can start racing owning one of them, and you can switch car during the series.

As every series difficulty progress very fast it’s always useful to obtain new cars so you can race new car series, which are easy in the beginning.

Car series rewards

In car series you can earn reputation, materials, cash, blueprints, parts and gold. Reputation is important because you need it to continue with the Underground campaign.

Car series is a series of races divided into chapters (of around 6 races). You get a reward for every race in a car series you win and you gain reputation for each as well. You can win every race only once so then you have to move on to another race which is usually harder. Every chapter is significantly harder than the previous one. But you get a special reward by completing every chapter and there is a cool reward for finishing the whole car series.

From the beginning you can see the final reward for car series so you can choose what you race the most by what part/blueprint is important to you at the moment. But be careful, because to finish a car series is a hard task. For example the first car series Uber Subaru you can race with you first car easily, but to finish it, you need 5 star Subaru BRZ, or quite tuned Subaru Impresa!

You can see the reward for the chapter you are in as well and by clicking on the races you see the rewards for each race. That is much more easily won so you can plan wise. By reaching next chapter you can see prizes for it and all the races again. In a car series with gold rewards, you get increasing gold for every chapter so no surprises here.

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